A Night of Chaos: Scarlett Johansson Leads in the Trailer for Rough Night, Where a Bachelorette Party Takes a Wild Turn

Scarlett Johansson, a famous actress recognized for her intense and thrilling performances, has now decided to try comedy. The 32-year-old artist stars in the upcoming film “Rough Night,” where she explores hilarious scenarios alongside her co-stars. The newly-released red band trailer showcases a wild adventure that unfolds after her Bachelorette party takes a surprising turn.

A different route: Scarlett Johansson, 32, attempted to expand her reach by venturing into the world of comedy in the new film, Rough Night

Scarlett Johansson, who is 32 years old, has taken a different approach in her career by exploring the realm of comedy. Her latest movie, Rough Night, showcases Scarlett’s comedic chops. In the trailer, Jillian Bell’s character, Alice, suggests that the group takes a “human friend-tipede” photo, where they rest their faces on each other’s bottoms. In another scene, Alice gives a pep talk to Scarlett’s character, Jess, at the airport as they gear up for their trip. Alice exclaims, “We have been dreaming about this moment since freshman year!”

'We have been dreaming about this moment': Alice, played by Jillian Bell, 33, gives Scarlett's character, Jess, a pep talk at the airport as the women prepare to head off to their destination

Jillian Bell’s character Alice, in the movie, motivates Scarlett’s character Jess at the airport before they embark on their journey. The moment has been highly anticipated by the characters and is finally here.

All-together now: Scarlett is joined by fellow bridesmaids Zoe Kravitz, 28, Jillian, Ilana Glazer, 30, and Kate McKinnon, 33

In a group effort, Scarlett is accompanied by other bridesmaids including Zoe Kravitz, Jillian, Ilana Glazer, and Kate McKinnon.

'I just got coke': Next, the women were enjoying dinner, when Ilana, who plays Frankie, confessed she obtained an illegal substance

During dinner, the group of bridesmaids, consisting of Jillian, Ilana Glazer, Zoe Kravitz, and Kate McKinnon, were having a good time when Ilana, who played the character Frankie, admitted to having acquired an illegal substance. Whispering to her friends, she confessed to having obtained coke from a busboy. Scarlett expressed her desire for an early night, but Kate, playing Pippa, suggested that they indulge in the drug. The following scene depicted the women taking the substance in the restroom.

Getting tired: Scarlett, as Bachelorette Jess, confessed she had hoped they could end the night early

Feeling fatigued: Jess, while playing the role of Bachelorette, openly admitted that she had been looking forward to wrapping up the evening sooner rather than later.

Illegal: The next scene shows the ladies taking in the drug in the women's restroom

Unlawful: The subsequent sequence depicts the women consuming drugs inside the women’s bathroom. A compilation of videos features the ladies participating in a provocative dance, drinking, and having a good time. Blair, portrayed by Zoe, proposes that they hire a stripper, and they make their way to a nearby house for the performance. As the male dancer starts his act, Alice (played by Jillian) jumps on him, causing him to appear lifeless. Scarlett expresses her concern, stating, “He’s no longer alive.”

Intimate moment: The females head to a home they're staying in, and a stripper begins to perform for them

Private moment: The ladies retreat to their temporary residence and are treated to a performance by a male exotic dancer.

Oops: The stripper is accidentally killed by one of the women. He is seen in a car with them

Whoopsie daisy! One of the ladies accidentally takes out the stripper while they’re all cruising in a car together.

STD? A collage of the night shows the women engage in a series of lewd situations. Zoe's character then believes she might have HPV

The women in the show are depicted engaging in a wide range of inappropriate activities, leading Zoe’s character to suspect she may have contracted HPV. Scarlet tries to dismiss her concerns by saying that everyone has HPV anyway, as the group continues to speculate about who among them might be infected.

Wild night: 'Whatever, we all have HPV,' said Scarlet, nonchalantly, as the girls continue to discuss who possibly has the disease

reminisce about their wild night.

Scarlet casually brushed off their wild night by stating, “We all have HPV,” as the girls continued to reminisce about their adventurous evening.

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