Check Out: 19-Year-Old Pizza Maker Wows Katy Perry with James Bay Rendition on ‘American Idol’

Perry complimented Adair’s amazing eyes and encouraged her to embrace her inner talents. She then requested Adair to sing some James Bay, showing her keen interest in music.

Aiden Adair; Photo Courtesy of American Idol/ABC

Aiden Adair from Clover, South Carolina, displayed his nervousness during the auditions for the 21st season of American Idol on Sunday, February 26. Adair, a 19-year-old pizza cutter, showcased his singing talent by performing “Break My Heart Again” by FINNEAS in Nashville, Tennessee. He admitted to the judges, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, that his participation in the popular reality TV singing competition was beyond his comfort zone. But Richie encouraged Adair by stating that life begins where comfort ends. Watch Aiden Adair’s performance in the American Idol audition below.

Adair captivated the audience with his smooth vocals on an indie pop ballad, waiting patiently for his cue after the piano note. His unique tremble in his voice was enough to turn the judges’ attention towards him. Delicately singing the chorus, Adair poured his heart out on stage, leaving the panel compelled by his performance. After receiving cheers from Perry, Richie, and Bryan, Bryan requested another song from Adair before sending him to Hollywood Week. Perry eagerly suggested a James Bay song, wondering if Adair was familiar with the artist. Adair, though still seemingly uncomfortable, revealed that he knew the words to “Let It Go.”

During the competition, the judges attempted to break Adair out of his shell. They assured him that they were real and encouraged him to let his guard down. Perry even went so far as to offer Adair a close-up look at her pores. She showered him with compliments, telling him that he had everything he needed inside of him. Bryan added that he wanted to see Adair “just dig in.” With their support, Adair delivered a powerful rendition of “Let It Go,” using all of his gusto.

Aiden Adair; Photo Courtesy of American Idol/ABC

As Aiden Adair performed on American Idol, Katy Perry couldn’t contain her excitement and stood up from her chair exclaiming “There it is! There he is! You have moves all of a sudden.” Luke Bryan added to Perry’s excitement saying “I’m just loving this moment. This is a beautiful moment because we’re watching you right in front of our very eyes just develop, like years of development in two minutes.” After Adair’s performance, Perry was thrilled with his progress and said “I’m so glad that you pushed yourself. You went from a four to an eight in five minutes.” All the coaches agreed Adair deserved a ticket to Hollywood, with Perry excitedly exclaiming “We’ll see you in Hollywood!”

The popular TV show American Idol graces our screens every Sunday on ABC.

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