“From Critique to Creative: Megan Massacre’s Rise to Tattoo Fame”

When Megan Massacre was just 14 years old, hailing from Pennsylvania, she had a strong love for art and dreamed of transforming her passion into colorful tattoos. However, she faced challenges finding a mentor to guide her in her journey. Now, at the age of 29, she has become a celebrated tattoo artist known for her stunning designs and realistic portraits. Together with other skilled tattoo artists, she stars in the popular reality show Bondi Ink, offering viewers a sneak peek into the exciting world of a prestigious Sydney tattoo studio. Be sure to watch the video below for more insights!

Leaps and bounds: Tattoo artist Megan Massacre started in the industry at 18, and at 29 is one of the world's best and has worked with clients around the world 

Achieving great success in her profession, tattoo guru Megan Massacre started her journey into the industry when she was just 18. Fast forward to now, at the age of 29, she has made a name for herself as a top artist around the world, providing her unique ink to clients from every part of the globe.

Obsessed: After getting an apprenticeship, Megan dedicated everyday for a year to practicing, even though she received criticism from women about her tattoos every time she left the house 

Passionate: Megan embarked on her journey to becoming a tattoo artist with determination and perseverance. Despite facing criticism for her tattoos, she dedicated a whole year to honing her craft after landing an apprenticeship. “After graduating, I found myself stuck in a job that didn’t fulfill me,” Megan revealed to Daily Mail Australia. One serendipitous evening, a colleague needed a lift to a tattoo studio, and that visit changed Megan’s life forever. Her drawing skills caught the eye of the artists there, who saw potential in her work and offered her the chance to create tattoo designs. “Drawing was my escape from a dull job, and my colleague saw my talent,” Megan explained. Impressed by her designs, the artists invited Megan to participate in her first tattoo session that night, and they offered her an apprenticeship on the spot.

Sugar skulls: Colourful skulls, similar to the one pictured, are one of Megan's most highly requested designs

Megan’s customers absolutely love the vibrant and colorful designs of sugar skulls, making them one of her most requested choices for tattoos.

Realism and re-dos! Megan is known for her realistic designs and ability to fix up and improve old tattoos

Realism and re-dos! Megan is known for her realistic designs and ability to fix up and improve old tattoos

Megan has gained recognition for her original tattoo artwork and talent for transforming existing tattoos. She began her tattooing career by taking a leap of faith, quitting her job and studies to dedicate a year solely to honing her craft. This decision ignited Megan’s passion for tattooing and sparked her creativity. Over the last dozen years, Megan has witnessed a significant evolution in the tattoo industry and has made a name for herself through her distinctive designs and fearless use of ink. Despite facing skepticism and criticism as a female tattoo artist at the start of her career, Megan persevered and silenced her doubters. “At the beginning, I wasn’t seen as ‘cool’ – people found me strange, especially since I was a woman,” Megan reflected. “My friends didn’t understand my passion, and strangers warned me about regretting my tattoos later on.” Fortunately, attitudes towards tattoos have shifted drastically since then.

'Nobody thought I was cool': When Megan first started people said she was a weirdo for tattooing 

When Megan first started getting tattoos, some people considered her to be strange and uncool.

Whirlwind: Now, Megan is adored around the world and has appeared on TV shows and on MTV's Bondi Ink

Megan has risen to fame on a worldwide scale and has made appearances on a variety of TV shows, such as MTV’s Bondi Ink. Looking back on her experiences, Megan talked about how tattoo culture has become increasingly popular over time, thanks to shows like New York Ink and Bondi Ink that have played a role in shifting public views. With a significant social media following of over 700,000 on Instagram and two million on Facebook, Megan has cemented her position as a key figure in the tattoo community. She characterizes her tattooing approach as continuously developing, drawing ideas from a range of influences, particularly her love for bold hues and mixing various styles in inventive ways.

'Australians have cooler ideas': Megan says she has done 'cooler' tattoos in Australia than in New York 

Megan shared that her tattooing experience in Australia has allowed her to create more one-of-a-kind tattoos compared to her time in New York. She loves working on portraits and lifelike designs of people or animals, adding in traditional 2D elements for a unique touch. Through tattooing clients from all over the world, Megan has observed how preferences can differ by location. She believes that Australians tend to have a more quirky and distinct take on tattoo ideas, which she finds both thrilling and rejuvenating. In Megan’s view, the tattoo designs in Australia showcase a higher level of creativity and originality compared to those in New York, reflecting the adventurous nature of Australians.

'I look busy': Megan says she prefers a black wardrobe as her bright hair, makeup and tattoos provide colour 

Megan clarified that despite appearing busy, she just has a strong preference for wearing black outfits which she finds are a great match for her colorful hair, makeup, and tattoos that add a pop of brightness to her overall style.

Always changing: Megan says her style is always evolving and she currently enjoys combining different styles

Megan loves experimenting with different styles and enjoys the evolution of her fashion choices. She likes keeping her outfits simple, opting for more subdued colors. Megan mentioned, “I avoid wearing loud clothes because my vibrant tattoos, hair, and makeup already make me stand out.” Follow Megan’s style journey on Bondi Ink’s 10-episode series, airing weekly on CH 11 at 8:30pm every Tuesday.

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