“From Friends to Entrepreneurs: Jennifer Aniston Congratulates Courteney Cox on Latest Home-Care Brand Launch”

Kimberlee Speakman reported that Courteney Cox hosted a celebration for her new fragrance-infused home-care brand in January 2022. The event was attended by renowned personalities Sarah Paulson and Molly Shannon as well.

Courteney Cox; Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston took to her Instagram Story to shower Courteney Cox with love and admiration on Thursday, as they celebrated the launch of Homecourt’s new limited edition collection. Aniston praised her former Friends co-star and close friend for her fragrance-infused home-care product brand, Homecourt. The actress shared a photo from the event with her followers, which showed her and Cox posing with other actresses Sarah Paulson and Molly Shannon, at a table to mark the launch of Homecourt’s Mandarin Basile products. In her post, Aniston added cute orange and basil emojis and expressed how proud she was of her BFF.

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In a recent event commemorating the launch of her new products, Jennifer Aniston shared a picture on Instagram with a group of celebrities, including Courteney Cox. She also gave a shoutout to her best friend, Cox, on her 59th birthday, calling her “incredible.” In another Instagram Story, Aniston shared a photo from the event where she posed alongside Cox and Jennifer Meyer. Expressing her love for her bestie, she captioned the picture with “We love you! And we love Homecourt!” Aniston also shared a picture of her new products with a flower arrangement and some oranges, remarking that it “smells like heaven.” Clearly, Aniston is a supportive friend who loves to celebrate the people and things that matter to her.

Jennifer Aniston Courteney Cox Coco Arquette Homecourt Instagram 08 03 23

Jennifer Aniston has shared a photo with Courteney Cox, expressing their love for each other. Meanwhile, Cox has revealed her Homecourt products that she launched in January 2022. The line of home beauty products was inspired by the increased amount of time people spent at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Cox, Homecourt is all about making people’s homes as important as their bodies and faces. As someone who’s passionate about interior design, she designed the bottles to be aesthetically pleasing and worthy of being left on display. Cox believes that beauty products for the home should be convenient, pretty, and easily accessible.

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