Katy Perry Confirms Her Comeback on American Idol’s Season 22 Despite Criticism from Fans

Katy Perry will be back as a judge for the upcoming 22nd season of American Idol, despite receiving criticism from some fans. She had expressed her desire to quit the show earlier this year, as she felt that the producers had portrayed her negatively as the “nasty judge.”

Katy Perry will RETURN to American Idol for season 22 despite fierce fan backlash

Despite the reported troubles, the singer of Teenage Dream seems to be handling the situation well. ABC has confirmed that she will return to American Idol season 22 with Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan as panelists. The network has dubbed it as the “lucky seventh season on ABC.” Katy Perry will be reunited with her fellow superstar judges.

Saving face: An insider told the DailyMail that the Dark Horse singer struggled last season after being booed by fans

According to a source, Katy Perry’s intention on the reality show was to nurture and encourage young talents. It was not her intention for her good intentions to be misunderstood. However, some fans called for her dismissal after several controversies arose during season 21 of American Idol. One incident involved Sarah Beth Liebe, a contestant who received criticism from Katy and ultimately chose to leave the show during Hollywood Week.

Katy Perry returning to 'American Idol' for Season 22 after fan backlash

Katy Perry faced backlash from fans in a recent viral moment on a singing competition show where she criticized two contestants for having negative energy during their performances. Despite concerns about her legacy, it seems the financial incentive of season 22 was too good to resist.

Katy cat: The Hot N Cold singer also faced criticism when she acted like a cat during one viral American Idol judging session

American Idol is changing up its audition process for the upcoming season, as confirmed by an official ABC statement. Instead of traditional in-person auditions, hopeful singers will now have the chance to showcase their talents through virtual auditions from various locations across the United States. Selected candidates will then proceed to the next round with judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie. It’s a great opportunity for aspiring singers to make their mark and potentially become the next American Idol!

Back to black: The pop vocalist struggled with fans calling for her to be fired after several cringeworthy moments in American Idol season 21

It’s uncertain whether the dark-haired stunner will adjust her critical approach for the upcoming season or amplify her critiques. Katy has not spoken publicly about returning to the reality singing contest. Nonetheless, she defended herself when her fellow judges mocked her for getting booed in season 21. ‘It’s the first time in six seasons,’ retorted the Smurfs celebrity defensively. Auditions for American Idol season 22 begin on August 2nd.

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