Katy Perry Flaunts Sultry Side Boob in Glamorous Fourth of July Shoot

Oops! Looks like Katy Perry wasn’t afraid to show off some skin in her patriotic photo shoot. However, some are questioning if she crossed the line. Keep reading to find out more!

Katy Perry Reveals Side Boob In Fourth Of July Photo Shoot

On Independence Day, Katy Perry demonstrated that she’s a self-reliant woman to the world!

Animated gif of Katy Perry posing with sailors for Parade magazine July  2012 | Katy perry pictures, Katy perry photos, Katy perry

In the latest issue of Parade magazine, the stunning 27-year-old singer donned a glamorous ensemble in patriotic colors of red, white, and blue. Despite her breathtaking appearance, she accidentally displayed some significant side cleavage!

Katy Perry celebrates her independence from Russell Brand in sexy red,  white, and blue ensembles

During her interview, the artist behind the hit song “Wide Awake” chose not to discuss her split with former spouse Russell Brand.

Katy Perry Parade magazine 2012 | Dresses, Red dress, Katy perry

The person speaking acknowledges that it’s not suitable to reveal too many details about the situation and ultimately, it is a matter only between two individuals.

Star-spangled pop star! Katy Perry lights up the studio like the 4th of  July as she gets patriotic for Independence Day photo shoot | Daily Mail  Online

We can totally understand and appreciate that! It’s obvious that she wasn’t trying to get Russell’s attention with her ample cleavage.

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