“Katy Perry Steals the Show at Grammys with Bold Fashion Choice and Elton John Can’t Look Away”

Katy Perry flaunts her breasts at the Grammys, even Elton John can't stop staring

Katy Perry made a big impact at the Grammy Awards, despite missing out on an award. Her mint green Gucci dress featured a keyhole cut-out that showed off her curves, causing excitement online and among fellow stars at the event. Photographs showed Elton John and others sneakily looking at Katy’s breasts, while TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres jokingly addressed the topic. Katy’s boyfriend, John Mayer, managed to avoid staring and instead focused on her eyes as they cuddled up together. Mayer has spoken about feeling like his relationship with Katy is “very human” and has even considered marriage in the future. Although Katy’s dress was revealing, it did comply with CBS’s Wardrobe Advisory for the event, which warned against body exposure.

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