“Sun, Sand, and Curves: Kim Kardashian’s Braless Beach Getaway in Miami!”

Kim Kardashian flaunted her slender 119lb physique as she posed for a playful photo session in Miami. The famous TV personality opted to go without a bra and donned a tiny peach-colored bikini bottom, which highlighted her curves. She paired it with a white cropped T-shirt, making a statement on the beach.

 Kim Kardashian has showed off her incredible figure in a white cropped t-shirt and barely there bikini bottoms

 Kim showed off her famous bottom in the minuscule peach thong bikini

Kim showcased her slender physique, wearing her hair in a half updo, with the rest flowing down her back. She flaunted her toned midriff, legs, and famously curvy derriere as she frolicked on the beach for a photoshoot accompanied by a photographer and some friends. In between poses, she paused to quench her thirst from an outdoor shower, bending forwards for a sip. The reality star accessorized her look with futuristic Christian Dior sunglasses, designed by Rihanna. Later, Kim wrapped a white towel around her lower body while her friend adjusted her barely-there outfit.

 Kim left little to the imagination

 The star was joined by a photographer and some friends for the fun shoot in Miami

 Kim hit the beach braless

 The star wore a pair of futuristic sunglasses at one point

 Kim walked through the sand for some shots

 Kim showed off her toned tummy and thighs

Kim was finally able to flaunt the results of her devoted exercise routine thanks to her latest ensemble. This was a welcome change after unattractive photos of her wearing a similar outfit were published in April of last year. The images left her feeling mortified, and the moment they aired on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in October, Kim was visibly upset. She couldn’t believe that she looked so unflattering in the photos, and when her assistant Stephanie Shepherd showed them to her on a phone, Kim broke down in tears exclaiming, “Oh my god. Like, I don’t get it. I literally DON’T look like this!”

 Kim was horrified when her unflattering photos of her backside were splashed across news

 Kim made sure all eyes were on her on the beach

 The star recently revealed she weighs just 119lbs

 Kim also posed for pictures at an outdoor shower

 Kim leaned forward and flashed her bottom as the cameraman snapped away

 Kim struggled to get the water in her mouth

 The mother-of-two cooled off after her shoot on the beach

In a later episode, she spoke directly to the camera expressing her frustration with the constant scrutiny and criticism she faces. Despite taking steps to maintain privacy and discretion, she still finds herself being body shamed and criticized when photos are not perfect. She believes that this behavior is unacceptable and wishes people would think twice before engaging in it.

 Kim stuck her tongue out as she messed around

 At one point Kim held the towel around her lower half

 Kim had plenty of helpers to make sure she looked her best

 She then got back to posing

 The gang then headed home after the shoot

 Kim wore her hair in a half up style

Despite facing criticism for her body, Kim confidently embraces it. She recently disclosed that she weighed only 119lbs in the previous month. The reality star turned heads during her Miami trip with her stunning neon attire. However, she encountered a fake tan mishap as she inadvertently exposed more than intended in her wrap skirt.

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