The Fierce Scarlett Johansson Performs Her Own Stunt in Glasgow While Playing an Extraterrestrial Who Harvests Body Parts

Meet Scarlett Johansson in a whole new avatar! The renowned actress is currently shooting for the highly awaited movie, Under the Skin, directed by Jonathan Glazer, in cold Scotland. She was recently seen walking the streets of the Scottish city in a fur coat and skin-tight jeans, exuding her usual femme fatale vibe, except for her black hair.

Who's that girl? Scarlett Johansson looked almost unrecognisable as she filmed scenes for Under the Skin in Glasgow on Tuesday

Scarlett Johansson was spotted in Glasgow while shooting for her movie “Under the Skin”. However, her character in the film is far from recognisable- she plays an alien who preys on men and harvests their body parts. The director, Glazer, famously known for his work on Radiohead’s Street Spirit music video and Jamiroquai’s Multi-MTV award-winning video for Virtual Insanity, takes us on a journey exploring Scotland with his latest project. Scarlett plays an alien disguised as a woman, who seduces men and uses her sexuality as a weapon to catch her human prey. FilmNation, the production company behind the film, stated that it is based on Michel Faber’s novel of the same name.

Not her usual look: But the faux fur is keeping Scarlett warm in wintry Glasgow

Scarlett’s appearance is different from what we’re used to, but she seems to be keeping warm in Glasgow’s winter weather thanks to her faux fur.

Ploy: Scarlett prepares to take a tumble, this is a ploy to draw men to her her hungry alien character

Strategy: Scarlett plans to intentionally fall down as a way to attract attention to her character, a space creature in search of a mate, hoping to lure in potential suitors.

And she's away: The fall needed to be filming in several different takes

The filming of “The Fall” required multiple takes and is based on a book by Michel Faber with the same title. Scarlett Johansson, who recently ended her relationship with Nate Naylor, mentioned in an interview with Variety that she has never been part of a movie with such a twisted plot. People have asked her if she eats other humans on the side of the road, to which she responded with a firm no. However, she did confirm that she plays an alien character who wears her own skin. Despite this being a unique role, she clarified that the movie is not science-fiction but, in fact, delves into existential questions and presents a more complex story than what the logline suggests.

Doing her own stunt: Scarlett gamely performed her own feat

Scarlett fearlessly executed her own stunt with great enthusiasm.

Drawing them in: The director starts layering up the scene

Attracting their attention: The person in charge begins to add depth to the setting.

Time for a close up: The cameras close in on Scarlett, still looking gorgeous despite being splattered on the pavement

It’s time for a close-up! Cameras zoom in on Scarlett, still looking stunning despite being covered in dirt on the ground. The plot of the movie suggests that the alien character experiences a change of heart and becomes interested in human emotions. The alien’s empathy increases, causing her to stray from her mission and clash with her own kind. Recently, the Lost In Translation actress began dating her ex-boyfriend Nate earlier this year after breaking up with Sean Penn. However, she was spotted last month hugging and holding hands with her former flame Jared Leto during a political rally in North Carolina.

Just what she wanted: Men flock to the pretty extra-terrestrial's aid

Exactly as she had desired, the charming alien received a flurry of assistance from male individuals.

Dangerous beauty: Scarlett's character will kill her lovers for their organs

Scarlett’s character is a deadly one as she will murder her lovers to harvest their organs. Despite rumors of a split between Scarlett and her boyfriend Nate, her representatives denied it and claimed they were still together. However, shortly after, Nate moved out of Scarlett’s flat and the relationship ended in a not-so-friendly manner. Nate has a penchant for violent and sexual bondage photographs on his personal website and looks remarkably like Mad Men’s Don Draper.

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